Hey there. I’m Jenna and I’m bored.

If I took a shot every time I started a new website/blog, I would be dead due to alcohol poisoning. I probably have 7 blogs around the Internet by now and all of them haven’t been updated in months and years. I’m not going to say I have intentions of keeping this one going because that’s what I said last time. I decided to start this blog while I was watching Ed Sheeran videos and avoiding studying for my history test on January 10. I’m a oversharer on the Internet and often fail to see boundaries of when I should stop. I won’t put my high school in my Instagram bio, but I have a thousand tweets about periods and various ways my mom pissed me off. On this blog, I’m most likely going to talk about music, books and things happening in my life because I prefer to write things down than talk about them. Yes, I know, print is basically dead but that’s not stopping me. One day I hope that a lot of people will be reading this blog and I get to do some cool stuff with it. Like interview some celebrities. Okay my whole intention is to get this blog big enough so I can eventually interview authors and artists I look up to because that’s what I want to do. It’s good to be upfront with your goals.

Until next time,



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