7 Things To Do While Waiting for Ed Sheeran’s New Music.

After being MIA for months, this singer named Ed Sheeran said he’s releasing some new music out Friday, January 6th 2017. Pretty exciting. Yes? No? Yes. We don’t know exactly what we’re getting but I think everyone would be satisfied if it was a 3 minute clip of Ed breathing. I know I would be. Unfortunately, before our ears are blessed by our one and only Ed there’s still some time we need to kill. Especially if a whole album doesn’t drop, we still have some waiting to do.

1)Clean your room. 

I’m currently sitting in a pile of clothes, papers, books and backpacks. Take this empty free time and put your feelings of anxiousness into cleaning off your bed, your floor and the dreaded “that chair”. You know what I mean. This way you can listen to Ed in a nice, clean environment.

2) Do your homework.

High school exams are coming up, which means RSTs, exam review and handing in all those projects you didn’t do throughout the semester and your teacher is finally noticing they’re missing. Start that chemistry review, finish that history project and read the book you were supposed to read three months ago. There’s no better time than the present.

3) Empty your inbox. 

You really don’t need that email from BuzzfeedBooks listing 28 books you have to read in 2015. Because it’s 2017. That’s how full your inbox is.

4) Change the water in your fish tank.

Did you know you’re supposed to perform regular water changes in your fish tanks? At least 25% every week or two? I don’t know if that’s 100% legit but that’s the case for betta fish. If you don’t have a fish tank, just ignore this. If you do, change that water and show your finned friend some love.

5) Paint your nails. 

Nothing makes me feel more put together than painting my nails. Sure, it smells bad, is easy to screw up and not accepted in some work environments but it’s a good way to waste time, especially if you plan on taking it off right after. Bonus points if you paint your nails orange, green or bright blue.Put on some music or a TV show and make it a whole thing.

6) Call your grandma. Or your mom. 

There is nothing happier than the sound of your grandma’s voice when she realizes one of her grandchildren called her. Literally nothing. Same goes for moms I’m assuming, since I still live with my mom and see her on the daily. If I call my mom it’s usually for some type of favor so she’s not too thrilled when she picks up a call from me.

7) Write a blog post. 

What do you think I’m doing now?

Until next time,


A/N: While I was writing this post Ed’s new singles came out. They are beautiful and I cried. I finished the post and hopefully this list comes in handy while waiting for the rest of ÷.




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