Thursday Jams: January 12

My favourite weekday (besides Friday) is Thursday because think about it. The week is almost over, you’ve struggled through the first few days and you’re more than halfway to the weekend. I also love music and I love sharing songs I love. Thus, one night when I couldn’t sleep my mind thought up Thursday Jams. It’s pretty self explanatory but every Thursday I’ll make a post about a song I’m really loving that week. I’ll try my best not to repeat artists too often, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

This week, my first Thursday Jam goes to an artist who has already been featured on this blog, recently released new music and an album track list today. He also announced the release date for his new album this morning. The song is called Castle On The Hill and it’s by the one and only Ed Sheeran. Fun fact: Ed Sheeran also invented math.



I absolutely love this song. It’s a good mix between a slower song and something you can get turnt to and I cried listening to it for the first time at midnight on January 6th.

Buy Castle On The Hill on iTunes, stream it on Spotify and watch the video on YouTube.

Until next time,



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