Revising is Important.

Ever since you started writing assignments in various classes in elementary school teachers have always told us to look over your writing once, twice, three times. I personally never really read over my work until grade 7 or 8, when it really started to matter. Simple errors are easy to miss if you halfheartedly look over your writing at the end of the writing process and it’s pretty embarrassing when your teacher points out to you that you misspelled the word house or left out a word in a basic sentence.

I’m writing this post because I was reading over some of my previous posts and oh my goodness is there some embarrassing errors that easily could’ve been avoided. I could’ve avoided those mistakes if I wrote the post while I was actually awake, not shook by Ed Sheeran’s new music, or if I had actually taken the time to review and revise what I wrote before I posted it for the Internet to see. As someone who would like a future in writing I just want to apologize.

Now I’m going to go edit my posts and pray no one really noticed. Take it from me, revision is important.

Until next time,



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