Thursday Jams: January 26

Yesterday was #BellLetsTalk day. This day raises mental health awareness and money for mental health initiatives in Canada and yesterday over $6 million dollars were raised for Canadian mental health programs. This is a cause that’s really close to me because mental illnesses really do affect everyone and it’s time to end the stigma around them. Mental illnesses are not something to be joked about or romanticized. So this week’s Thursday Jam is a song that I feel relates really really well to this topic and has a special place in my life. I love this band because of the messages behind the music and how much they’re dedicated to their fans and how their music unites broken people in the best way possible. The song is Migraine by twenty one pilots, one of my favourite bands.



Buy the song on iTunes, stream it on Spotify and listen to it on YouTube.

#BellLetsTalk may only be one day a year, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop talking. If you or a loved one needs help, don’t stay quiet. You’re not alone.

Until next time,



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