Winterlude 2017 Kickoff

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the 2017 Ottawa Winterlude kickoff to see the first of the Sub-Zero Concert Series which takes place throughout Winterlude. Like a true Canadian I bundled up with multiple layers to protect myself from the cold which actually wasn’t too bad, because as the night went on I ended up taking off layers. I’m pretty sure Friday night was the only night I’ll ever sweat outside in freezing temperatures.

My friends and I made our way downtown to Confederation Park, where the concert was taking place. The area was decorated with beautiful and intricate ice sculptures which I honestly should’ve taken more time to look at but I was just so caught up in going to the stage. img_7284

We got to the stage incredibly early, and were pretty much the only ones crowded at the front before the music started. Not going to lie, being at the barricade was one of the best parts. As someone on the shorter side, I just wanted to be able to see.


After waiting for almost two hours, the first act went on. Evana, a 10 year old DJ started the music and got everyone in the crowd pumped up. Throughout her act, performers with cool baton thingys came on and entertained with the music in the background, and it was very impressive. I sang so loud and danced so hard I wondered how I was going to last the night.


The next act was Karim Ouellet. A French singer accompanied by a bassist who looked like he was having the time of his life and a Coleman Hell lookalike on drums. Even though I’ve been in French Immersion for 6 years, I had no clue what Karim was singing but nonetheless it was still pretty amazing.

Finally, the main act came on. Coleman Hell, La+ch, and Michah came on and opened with img_7329Fireproof (buy it on iTunes), the jam to end all jams. That was just the beginning of an amazing set by Coleman, who danced, sang and entertained the crowd to no end. There was even an ice piano and a Justin Bieber cover involved. They performed all of their hits, songs off the new album Summerland and even some old sings from the old EPs, which I was so down for. This was my fourth time seeing Coleman Hell live and they have yet to disappoint me.


Just as the night was over, it wasn’t. Like the amazing person Coleman Hell is, he took time after his set to meet his fans, as always. He took pictures and signed things for anyone who asked, making him probably the most fan-dedicated celebrity ever. When will anyone ever care as much about their fans? Of course, I lined up and got my third picture with Coleman and got his autograph, because duh.

Overall, the 2017 Winterlude kickoff was a complete success, at least for me. I was entertained every moment and got to see one of my favourite artists up close and I got to meet him for the third time. I hurt my shoulder at some point throughout the night and it’s still hurting now, but #worthit. I hope to make it back down to Winterlude before it closes to take a better look around and see Scott Helman on the final night of the Sub-Zero Concert Series.

For more Winterlude festivities, click here.

To watch a livestream from February 3rd, click here.

Until next time,



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