Thursday Jams: February 9

I grew up watching Disney shows on Family channel and I spent a lot of time following the actors/actresses/singers of the Mickey Mouse Empire. These days I can’t tell you a single show that is airing on Disney channel. However, I am still a fan of most of the celebrities that were on Disney during the Hannah Montana/HSM/Wizards of Waverly Place era. I am so dedicated and so in love with one singer and her work since her Disney channel days that I convinced my parents to let me see her in concert in Toronto in July 2016. So. Worth. It. This singer and her music are so inspirational that she holds a special place in my heart. She’s even nominated for a Grammy this Sunday, so this Thursday Jam goes out to her. Demi Lovato’s song Skyscraper is so beautiful and meaningful that when I heard it live I cried. Cried a lot. Skyscraper is this week’s Thursday Jam.



Also, Demi Lovato is SO UNDERRATED??? Universe, give this talented lady who speaks up for important causes some more recognition because it is so deserved.

Buy Skyscraper on iTunes, stream it on Spotify and watch the video on YouTube.

Until next time,



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