Things I Love

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day of love. I love many things and I couldn’t think of a better day to share what I love with anyone who happens to read this so they know what I love. I have blogged about things that I love that will be included on this list but sometimes you just need to remind yourself of your favourite things. *cue the sound of music*

The first thing that I love, perhaps the thing I love the most is words. I love words because they can say so much or so little. They can show emotions, thoughts, jokes, anything. My favourite things are made up of words, proving that words can do so much. Words in books and words in music lyrics are my favourite because of the stories and messages among them. I also have an obsession with quotes, and I have since grade 5. I looked at quotes to make me feel better when I was having a rough time, and the words just made me feel better.

Books and reading are arguably my first love. I remember the first chapter book I read (Cam Jansen and the Mystery Writer Mystery) that my mom bought for me,  every book series I’ve ever loved and I can name at least ten favourite books whenever someone asks me for just one. I can’t remember when I didn’t love reading and books and I can’t imagine my life without it.

In case this is your first visit to my blog (hi!) or you just need a reminder, I really like music. I’m listening to music at any given time and I have a somewhat serious concert addiction. Behind books and words, music is my favourite thing. I always turn to music when I’m overwhelmed by my emotions, happy or sad or when I need an icebreaker in a conversation. Music is always there, whether I’m with friends or family, in the car or singing a song in my head to pass the time. Like they say, love follows you everywhere.

I really love the Internet. It really is fantastic. It’s a great way to keep entertained, get information, do research to settle family arguments and to put yourself out there. Like on a blog or something. I spend a lot of time on the Internet and I love all the good aspects of it. I realize I’m extremely lucky to have all this information and entertainment at my fingertips, as long as I have a good wifi connection.

Another thing I love are those simple moments in life that just fill you with so much joy for the smallest reason. I feel those moments are too underrated even though they could possibly happen every single day. Some of my personal favourite moments like this include a quiet sunset with my favourite book at my uncle’s cottage, a family dinner with all my relatives and a moment when I was so happy with my friends, I forgot all the misery and not so great things that were happening in my life.

The final thing I love that I’m writing about this Valentine’s Day is technically two things, but I like to put them in the same category. My family and friends. Some of my friends are basically family to me. I’m very lucky to have a huge extended family and I have some hilarious stories to tell again and again from the events we have together. Sure, I have fights with my parents and my brother but we are the worst to the people that are closest to us. We know that they won’t really leave us. I have some truly wonderful friends that are just so amazing, I can’t even put it in words. We share interests and they let me talk endlessly about what I love, even if they’re not crazy about it and that’s all I can ask for.

Valentine’s Day means something or nothing to different people, but it’s not the only day of the year to show your love. Give out some extra hugs, text someone a nice good night message and call your grandma.

Until next time,







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