R.I.P HMV and My Paycheck

At the end of January 2017 there was some pretty awful news announced involving Canadians. Yes, the closing of all 102 HMV stores throughout Canada. I love music and I love buying CDs. My favourite parts of buying CDs are admiring the package, ripping off the plastic after 5 minutes of trying, looking at the CD and then reading the booklet often included. It’s just not the same as clicking on a song on Spotify or iTunes. If you look hard enough, buying CDs are even cheaper than buying albums on iTunes.

I didn’t start buying CDs and building up my ¬†collection until grade 8. Before then, I bought music on iTunes, used Spotify and other ways of music downloading. I still use Spotify on a daily basis, but CDs are my favourite way to listen to and buy music. As of now, I have about 50 CDs and I don’t regret buying any, even though a majority were gifts.

The closing of Canadian HMV stores is just another sign of how digital our world is becoming. Streaming is replacing DVDs, CDs, and even TV. Even though this digital age is what I’ve pretty much grown up with, it’s weird to see Netflix and Spotify replacing material objects. However, I’m not mad about it. Netflix and Spotify are a lot cheaper and I’m pretty broke. I’ll miss HMV a lot, I really will. Will my bank account miss HMV? No. Not really. I’ve spent over half of my first paycheck on CDs and at the moment I have no regrets. If by some miracle I gain $400 in the next few weeks, I hope to visit the HMV Superstore in Toronto and get those deals.

RIP HMV. And my paycheck.

Until next time,




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