Can We Talk About Divide?!?

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of this singer named Ed Sheeran. He released his new album Divide on Friday and I woke up early to listen to it before school and it was so worth it. Even though we all waited a loooong time for this album, it was well worth it. All of the songs are extremely well written (no surprise for Ed) and they’re all just so perfect. I had super high expectations for this album and I was not disappointed. Not that Ed could ever disappoint me because he’s literally perfect.

All of the songs on Divide either make me want to dance like a madman in the streets (Galway Girl) or drown in a puddle of my own tears (Supermarket Flowers). I’ve always admired Ed because his music always makes people feel things, no matter what. I proved this true when I started crying every time a song on the sad side came on. Happier made me cry so hard and I still can’t listen to it without crying. He was happier when he was with her but she’s happier with someone else but he just wants the best for her and just ahahaahaha. Literal emotional pain. Don’t even get me started about Supermarket Flowers and Save Myself. I still can’t talk about those.

And then there are the songs on Divide that make me really really happy while listening. Balances out the sad tears and the happy tears. Perfect is just so… perfect??? If that song doesn’t demonstrate your relationship goals, what are you doing with your life? I’m also loving the new Irish music inspired songs, Nancy Mulligan and Galway Girl are two of my favourites. Of course, we can’t forget about the diss filled New Man. I do not want to be that new man. Also, I can’t publish this post without a shoutout to What Do I Know?.

Now that we have the album, all we need now is the tour. I am prepared to spend all my money on tickets and transportation so I can go to literally all the shows around me.

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