Ross Geller is Literally The Worst

Almost everyone is familiar with the sitcom FRIENDS. It’s based around 6 adult friends living in New York City and I love it. It’s one of my favourite shows and I’ve seen every episode many times. I tend to enjoy all aspects of the show, except for one character and most people usually agree with me. This character is Ross Geller. He’s Monica’s older brother and Rachel’s on again, off again lover. And he is literally the worst.

Ross Geller is just so annoying. He is so aggravating, he thinks he’s entitled to everything that comes his way and oh my gosh they WERE NOT ON A BREAK. Even if they were, it’s pretty bad to sleep with someone hours after you get out of a relationship. Also, how did he even get Chloe to sleep with him? He’s not good looking or charming, at all. Speaking of that situation, why was Ross so paranoid of Mark in the first place? His jealousy was out of control and it embarrassed Rachel at work with the insane amount of gifts. Let’s also bring up when him and Emily were discussing where to live after they got married and he said he couldn’t leave New York because of Ben. Bro, I’m pretty sure you spent time with Ben, let’s check, NEVER. He definitely wasn’t with Ben enough to use that as a legitimate excuse.  And at the wedding when he said the wrong name? He knew he was still in love with Rachel but planned on marrying Emily anyway?

Ross is also extremely whiny. So, so, so whiny. I guess it’s kind of ironic because I’m whining about him being whiny. He was always unhappy about something that had little to no significance. For example, that sandwich. I love food, if someone ate my food I’d be mad. Really mad. But I wouldn’t scream at a man and cause a huge commotion and get myself fired. Or whatever happened there. We also need to mention that time when Joey and Chandler did Ross a huge favor and let him move in with them and Ross totally took over their apartment. The “quiet down” thing, and asking them for money for the filters for his air machine? It also seems that Ross only cares about himself. He doesn’t care about anyone else, only himself and his well being. Has he ever asked how someone else or doing? Or just complains about his problems.

Ross did have some funny moments throughout the show. Pivot, is my favourite. Other than that, he’s literally the worst.

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