JUNO FanFare 2017, JUNO Red Carpet and The 2017 JUNO Awards


April 1st and 2nd 2017, luck was truly on my side. But this story doesn’t start there. This story starts March 11 when (free) tickets for JUNO FanFare went on sale. I snagged four, thinking that they wouldn’t be too in demand, and then later that day I read they actually sold out in minutes.

Fast forward a few weeks, my friends and I made the trip to Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa to meet Coleman Hell, Ruth B, Tyler Shaw and Marianas Trench. The event was packed with 4 different signings, performances, emcees and contests throughout a span of three hours. There was music playing, people singing along and I had the time of my life.IMG_0689 (2)

Each attendee got one thing signed by all the artists at the table they bought tickets for and a picture with the artist if they wished. Bonus, the crew taking the photos also took candids of you and the artist which was awesome. I got some pretty Instaworthy shots there, not going to lie.

My favourite shot however, was the picture I got with Coleman Hell. I asked him to look “annoyed and done with me” and the end result was better than I could imagine. My dad laughed at it for a solid minute.IMG_0697 (2)

Ruth B and Tyler Shaw were super nice and one of the members of Marianas Trench was listening in on the conversation Tyler and I were having, which I loved. The meet and greet was pretty face paced, but I was lucky and Coleman, Ruth and Tyler took some time to talk to me which meant a lot. Also a shoutout to Marianas Trench. They’re cool people.

All the artists signed a page in my autograph book, which I will treasure forever. I will soon be printing out the photos and adding them to my autograph book too.

But! JUNO FanFare didn’t end there. Throughout the event, the emcees were giving away Red Carpet passes to the JUNO awards the next day and ohmygosh I scored some. I couldn’t have scored them without my friends though, massive shoutout to them. I couldn’t even cry, I was so in shock. There was a photographer capturing the moment, and man I hope I find those photos one day.

The next day, was probably the most exciting day of my life. I was standing to the side of the JUNO Red Carpet, only a barricade separating me and some of my favourite artists. I was armed with my iPhone and a sign that said “come take a selfie”. I was ready to meet some of my favourite artists, and I did it.

It was so surreal to see everything that goes on on a red carpet, the pictures, the interviews and the celebrities up close. The first celebrity I got a selfie with (shoutout to the sign) was Coleman Hell! Again!IMG_7715

Throughout the night, I watched celebrities give interviews, heard loud, loud screams (which I did contribute to) and got a picture with the one and only SHAWN MENDES. OMG. HE IS SO GORGEOUS. He also nodded at me before he came over to take photos and I swear I almost passed out.IMG_7742

Other notable celebrities I got pictures were Russel Peters, La+ch and Michah (the other two components of Coleman Hell), Ruth B (again) and Tyler Shaw (again) among many many others I can’t even think of right now. Also Josh Ramsey, but I forgot to put the photo in the slideshow. Sue me.

It truly was a cool experience to see how the red carpet unfold, considering I would love a job like that in the media some day. I don’t think I would ever be able to keep my cool though, but I can work on that.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I won tickets to the JUNO awards, THAT NIGHT! They were right in the pit too, right next to the stage. I was able to stand next to the stage where some of my favourite artists were performing. Justin Trudeau was sitting so so close to me, Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara were behind me and I didn’t notice until halfway through the show. Simon from The Strumbellas touched my hand before their amazing performance of “Spirits” and Alessia Cara pointed at my phone while I was taking a video of “Scars to Your Beautiful” so yeah I guess it was okay. I was overwhelmed with joy to finally see Shawn Mendes live and I thought Arkells gave one of the best performances of the night and now I’m obsessed with their latest album. The show was so, so amazing and I’m so thankful that I got to experience it all so close. Also, can we talk about the star studded performance of “Summer of 69”?! I was not expecting that.

I, Jenna, am a very lucky gal. I got to experience the 2017 JUNO awards in my hometown and I doubt I’ll be able to experience anything like this ever again. If I do, I am officially the luckiest person in the world, in my opinion. One last thing, support Canadian music!!! It’s pretty awesome. I’m lucky to live in a country with so much talent and so much love.

Until next time,



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