POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: April

April has been a very very busy month for me, shown by the lack of posts this month and the lack of books on this challenge. Oops. Please blame my teachers (who are now realizing school is over in 10 weeks and attempting to cram everything) and my busy work schedule. This month I only managed to knock one challenge off, but it was a pretty difficult one in my opinion. In total, that makes 12/40 done.

A book set in different time periods

51morqxrkzl-_sx328_bo1204203200_Book: Violent Ends by seventeen different authors.

First, why isn’t this book talked about more? I came across this book in recommendations when I wanted to read This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.  I absolutely loved it and I thought it was very intriguing. Violent Ends is 17 short stories, each written by a different author from a different perspective in a different point in time. The stories are all based around the same event and they connect in different ways, whether it be through mutual characters or a mention of an event. I loved how all the stories were so different and tied together perfectly at the same time. The earliest short story is years before the main event happens, while the most recent was months after the main event. I just recently finished this book, yet I have recommended it to 3 different people.

Next month I’ll be back with more books, that’s a promise. I’m also thinking of making this blog more book centered because reading and writing are my two passions.

AKA RIP Thursday Jams. You were good while you lasted.

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