I Checked In At The Hôtel De Ville

If you know me, you know that Scott Helman is one of my favourite artists ever. A little over two weeks ago I got to finally see him live on the Hôtel De Ville tour at his Ottawa stop, and it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

For those of you who don’t know, Scott Helman released his debut album Hôtel De Ville on May 12, and it is a work of art. Every single song on it is amazing, my favourites being Chinese Restaurant, PDA (a BOP) and Ripple Effect.

My day started out waiting outside the venue with my friend Leah and watching the soundcheck through a crack in the door, until we got kicked out. Sorry Scott.

I bought VIP for the show, and let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions of my whole life. I got to meet Scott, who is so, so, sweet and he made the check in everything I hoped it could be.


We stood at our spots right in front of the stage and waited for the show to start. The first act was Ryland James, who is so nice to look at and even nicer to listen to. He has such an amazing voice and I can’t wait until he makes it big time because I’ll be right there in the front row. Like sorry, Shawn Mendes who? I only know Ryland James.


Next up was Featurette, who had another super entertaining, stunning set. The music was so much fun to dance to and the F decoration they had was cool. Bonus points, she talked to us before and after her set and she’s super nice. Featurette also follows me on Twitter, so that’s pretty sweet.



When Scott’s band finally started setting up, was when I realized this was actually IMG_8236happening. Seeing Callum, Julian, Sam and Dylan for real after watching so many videos of them performing online was surreal. They were talking to the crowd before the set started and let me tell you, they are some super beautiful human beings. Sign Of The Times also started playing and it was another experience to hear everyone in the venue singing the song.

FINALLY, the moment I had been waiting for, Scott Helman started the show. He walked through the crowd and took the stage and one of the best concerts I’d ever been to started.


Scott was so lively and so into his music, dancing around the stage and singing with a passion you don’t see in arena shows from huge artists. He kept the crowd on their feet the whole time (it was an all standing venue so like… duh) but you know what I mean. He sang all my favourite songs and I have to say when he sang Tikka, it was one of the most excited crowds I’ve ever seen. The chemistry between him and his band mates was also one of the best parts of the night. The guitar battles between Scott and Callum, Scott telling us to scream so loud it hurt Julian’s ears and Scott making fun of the way Sam had a towel wrapped around his head added to the fun of the night.

My favourite part of the concert however, was when he sang Ripple Effect and got the crowd to sing along and finish the song. The way Scott could get the crowd so involved in a song was something else to watch. Another highlight was when him, Callum and Julian sang The Lion, with Julian on this cool drum thing.

When the concert finally ended, I was an emotional mess and I was so sad that the show was over. I ripped a set list off of the stage and I have it hanging on my wall right now. I also got to take a picture with Callum, who is so sweet and beautiful and Julian, my actual fave.

Thanks to Ryland, Featurette, Callum, Julian, Dylan, Sam and Scott for an unforgettable night. Scott and his band are back in Ottawa for CityFolk in September, so if anyone finds some extra $$$ for me to go see them, I’ll be accepting donations.

Scott, if you’re reading this right now, it’d be super cool to chat sometime.

Until next time,



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